What is Salted Egg Fish Skin?

Ever caught yourself going nuts this savory, crunchy and addictive snack? We’re talking salted egg fish skin. Popularized in Singapore, and it has wooed taste buds from all over the Asia Pacific Region. Even though Singapore brands like Kaizocool already have a strong grip in the Singapore market, but it’s not stopping us from joining the game with our own recipe.

Salted Egg Fish Skin
OYUFISH Salted Egg Fish Skin

What is Salted Egg Fish Skin?

Salted Egg Fish Skin is salted egg flavor snack popularized in Malaysia in Singapore – Extremely bold in flavor and seasoning with genuine salted egg yolk evenly coated on a crunchy fish skin – with fine aroma of Curry Leaves and Chili Padi for an even more delightful flavor. OYUFISH Salted Egg Fish Skin is made by dory fish skin, freshwater fish. All raw materials are HALAL Certified and our factory are certified as HACCP standard. Oyufish sold over 256, 00 packs since we started and we are available in Malaysia & Singapore.

If you want to purchase OYUFISH online, check here: Buy Salted Egg Fish Skin in Malaysia

Or their offline stores here: Where to buy Salted Egg Fish Skin at Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong

OYUFISH’s product can be found in the major upscale supermarket and even in Malaysia & Singapore airports. Comparing with other Singapore brands, we are not far behind. We have the upper hand in terms of price and flavor. It’s our own recipe, customer loves it and it’s cheaper.

Want to understand more about us? Check interview by the Edge tv below.

These college dropouts weren’t exactly sure of what they were doing when they first set up OyuFish. Today, they are making RM6mil in revenue a year.

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